100 Watt Amplifier series


Powerhouse 100 is a tonally obsessed versatile guitarist's need. 4-channels with seperate volume and EQ controls let you cover tones from sparkly clean, to mild crunch, to singing leads to absolute extreme overdrive to move the earth beneath you. A fully tube-buffered FX loop with send and return level control gives you ultimate flexibility to match any FX Units on the planet. Suited perfectly for both Studio and Live use, comes with a footswitch to change channels and bypass the FX loop.

Clean channel is a classic tube amp sound...clean until 60% of the volume, starts to go wild after that...can be used for country, jazz, blues, pop, funk....

Crunch channel is a mild crunchy overdrive, very pick sensitive and responds exceptionally well to playing dynamics. Stays clean when the strings are hit soft and goes into a wild roar when you are in the mood to wank the strings real hard. Personal favourite among the reviewers.

Lead channel is self explanatory, singing leads with infinite sustain, moves sweetly into feedback harmonics. Perfectly tailored for playing anything from a little shredding to high-gain crazy blues solos...

Grind channel is the heaviest of them all with heavy tight lows and crushing highs for those extreme gain overdrive you always dreamt of. Not for the faint hearted.

Powerhouse 100 also features 2x5U4GB Tube Rectifier, for the authentic vintage tone, flick the Rectifier switch at the back of the Panel to experience the sweetness of a Tube Rectified Sound.

Absolutely no PCBs, completely handwired to ensure decades of reliability and maximum harmonic content or in simple words...TONE!!!


  • Loaded with 7x12AX7 pre-amp tubes, 4x6L6 power tubes and 2x5U4GB tubes rectifier tubes
  • Independent Pre-amp, Master, Treble, Middle and Bass controls for each channels
  • 100 watt R.M.S. into 4, 8, 16 ohms
  • Bias switch provided to switch between EL34 and 6L6 Output tubes
  • Tube Buffered FX Loop with send and return controls, true bypassable.
  • Switchable between Silicon diodes and Vaccum Tubes Rectification
  • 4-button Footswitch for channel switching and bypassing FX loop
  • Line-out/Slave Out with level control